20 Jan 2023 02:06

Fat Trel on Prison Time, Chief Keef, Falling Out with Master P, Getting Shot & More

Fat Trell talks about his rise, career turns, set backs, doing time, Master P, Logic, Rick Ross, CHief Keef and more! ----- 00:00 Intro 2:40 Fat Trel what he witnessed on the street as a kid 4:45 Memories of his father working with NASCAR and when he stopped coming around 7:15 Fat Trel on what influenced him to get involved in the street life and his relationship with his mother 11:00 Moving out of the house at 16, being influenced by his friend's mother whom he was living with 14:50 Trapping as a teenager and talks about the first time he got sh*t by someone he knew 19:48 Starting to write raps while on bed rest and recording his first track at 17 21:30 Fat Trel talks about being exposed to battle rapping, giving his demos to all the local schools, and working with Uptown XO during open mic sessions 24:00 Early days working with Chief Keef in the studio recording “Russian Roulette” and meeting Sosa through his cameraman 29:15 Adam reads old tweets about Fat Trel from 2013 and Fat Trel talks about how rap music brought him places he never could have imagined 34:20 Fat Trel talks about how his lyrics helped him get women and how he had to be careful with the women he kept around 36:00 Fat Trel tells a story about a woman that got him in a standoff with her father 41:00 His girl not wanting him to show his face in public too much 43:00 Fat Trel talks about catching a case after a cop unlawfully searched a car he was in 51:00 Fat Trel tells says he took a charge for a friend over some counterfeit money 58:14 Catching 3 more g_n charges and how he reacts to people telling him he should leave town 1:01:30 Fat Trel reacts to snitching being now accepted 1:07:25 Fat Trel on how prison is holding him back from real-world opportunities 1:09:00 Fat Trel shouts out 03 Greedo on coming home 1:10:32 Fat Trel talks about his group “Louis V Mob” with Master P and moving to LA to be in his movie “Menace II Society” 1:17 45 Fat Trel opens up about his friend committing S and how that made him move back home 1:20:00 How Master P was lying on Trel’s name and getting signed to Maybach Music 1:22:05 Fat Trel explains why he doesn’t regret his mishap involving Master P 1:23:20 Signing a deal with Asylum Records, how he is prepared now more than ever and his relationship with Rick Ross 1:25:50 Fat Trel on Wale’s creative process and the friendship they carry to this day 1:28:10 Making music for the ladies and his influence from the women in his life 1:29:50 Adam tells Fat Trel how he reminds him a lot of Kevin Gates when they talk about women 1:32:00 Making music with Logic and how he feels about Lil Durk 1:35:15 Fat Trel talks about having 70 tracks ready for his full-length album coming soon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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