Festival Nation - EP: 18 Pat Benatar's Drummer Chris Ralles

Today host of 'Festival Nation' Marla Davies met up with Chris Ralles as Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo's 2021 DeNovo Tour came to the historic San Jose Civic Auditorium on September 8th. The tour is criss-crossing the United States after a long Covid-hiatus. The San Jose show was the 6th show on this tour. Accomplished sideman/hired gun/professional musician, Chris Ralles, shares his stories about the new normal on tour, the music project he started during Covid called the Moondrops (hear the latest song - 'Waiting on the Moon' and his drumming career has allowed hime to live the dream.

For more on Chris:


Music heard on today's episode:

John Waite - 'Missing You'

Pat Benatar/Neil Giraldo - 'Hit Me With Your Best Show' & 'Hell is For Children'

(Partial audience recordings from September 8, 2021 - San Jose Civic. Still pretty good quality from my iphone 11)

Moondrops - 'Waiting on the Moon'

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