Halo Infinite Delayed - Epic Games VS Apple | Power Up Podcast #129

In this week's Power Up Podcast, Taylor is joined by Anthony and Mike as they recap the week's news and rumors what we have been playing, games releasing and so much more!

Kicking things off in the news department this week, Microsoft has announced that Halo Infinite has been delayed to 2021 and has quoted the ongoing pandemic as the primary reason for the delay!

Epic Games have decided to go to war with Apple over their in-store payment feature! Fortnite was removed from the Apple Store for a few days and Epic Games decided to weaponize its fanbase against the Tech Giant!

EA has denied that their studio execs are being paid too much quoting a recent investors poll and comparing other execs in the industry and how much they are being paid. We discuss if this is the case and how execs being paid more could impact the standard worker in EA.

These were just some of the topics we discussed this week on the Power Up Podcast. Tune in every Saturday at 3pm PST time over on https://twitch.tv/cultureofgaming

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