How can a small shop get to 100k?

Growing a small business has always hard but now it's even more difficult as our economy remains slow. Cole talks with Eli the owner of AB Graphics and Promotionals about ways he can make more than 10k a month in his screen-printing business. Topics include- Website Best Practices, Finding your ideal client, Cold Calls, Developing relationships that lead to sales and utilizing social media. Powered by | Brought to you by for $50 off your first month click and enter promo code "Cole" | For 15% off any course or book from use promo code "Cole" | & for 5% off Any ROQ automatic screen-printing press use code "cole 5%" when you talk to your sales rep. (this could save you THOUSANDS!) Thanks for listening guys! Please leave a review so more people can find the podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. And as Always-


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