With three napkins filled with the scrawls of locations and weather predictions strewn around her, MaryBeth announced the next likely location for the workshop. Copper Harbor! A discussion and a decision later. We were heading West! MaryBeth had woken up early that morning to find us an opening in the skies so we had a better chance of seeing the Aurora should the conditions arise. The evidence of her hours of meticulously checking multiple weather models & predictions filled the napkins with data written in a legibility only MaryBeth was capable of reading. As she gathered her nearly falling apart napkins she laughed to herself and commented aloud, "See what I mean about rather being a crack addict than an aurora chaser?" Implying that it might be even less crazy to be on crack than participate in the chase she loves best. In this podcast, I share some of the what went wells and could have been betters about last week's Upper Peninsula Aurora Workshop. From weather and aurora chasing, to the sights and waterfalls of the Upper Peninsula and my first chance using a Tiffen Fog Filter to capture Orion in the darkest sky most of us had ever been under, this past week lived up to the Photog Adventures motto of getting out there on an adventure! Image of the before and after of the Tiffen Fog Filter on Orion: https://bit.ly/3fcuOtM Tiffen Double Fog 3 Filter: https://amzn.to/35CNuj6 !! Be sure to pick up one that matches your lens !!


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