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"Jack Straw, Laryngitis, and Serendipity: A Grateful Dead Journey"

"Marijuana Dispensaries and Predictive Football: A Quirky Comparison"

Larry is excited about Michigan's win over Alabama and in tribute to their upcoming January 8th college football championship game against Washington he features a Grateful Dead concert from January 8th, 1978. He detail the song "Jack Straw" and its history, especially focusing on the singer distribution due to Jerry Garcia's laryngitis during the San Diego show.

The conversation veers into the significance of the songs "Lazy Lightning" and "Supplication" within the Grateful Dead's repertoire, reminiscing about experiencing these songs live. It briefly touches on personal events, birthdays, and music preferences.

The host humorously correlates the predicted football game winner to the number of Grateful Dead performances and marijuana dispensaries in Michigan and Washington. They discuss cannabis-related legislation and the market dynamics in these states, concluding with light-hearted references to personal travels and cannabis availability across regions.

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Grateful Dead

January 8, 1978

Golden Hall Community Concourse

San Diego, CA

Grateful Dead Live at Golden Hall, Community Concourse on 1978-01-08 : Free Borrow & Streaming : Internet Archive


Jerry has laryngitis so he did not sing

Donna filled in for him



INTRO: Jack Straw

Track #2

0:07 – 1:38


Not on any studio album. Featured on Europe ‘72

First time played: October 19, 1971, Minneapolis (Keith Godchaux’s first show)

Last played: July 8, 1995, Soldier Field, Chicago

Total times played = 476 (No. 11 on list of all time songs played)



SHOW No. 1: Lazy Lightning>Supplication

Track #8: 3:00 – end and then straight into

Track #9: 0:00 – 1:15


DAVID DODD: The pair of songs was recorded on the Kingfish album, with Bob Weir as a member of the band. Barlow notes that he wrote the song in Mill Valley in October 1975. The two tracks opened the album, which was released in March 1976.


The Grateful Dead first played the pair in concert on June 3, 1976, at the Paramount Theater in Portland, Oregon. That show also included the first performances of “Might As Well,” “Samson and Delilah,” and “The Wheel.” “Lazy Lightning” was always followed in concert by “Supplication,” and the final performance of the two songs took place on Halloween, 1984, at the Berkeley Community Theater.


“Supplication” was played by itself, according to DeadBase X, on one occasion subsequently, although it was also played as an instrumental jam more frequently over the years. The final “Supplication” was played 597 shows after the last “Lazy Lightning>Supplication,” on May 22, 1993 at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. Interestingly, “Supplication” was played one other time separately from “Lazy Lightning,” on September 24, 1976, when it was sandwiched in the middle of a “Playing in the Band.”


a very strong case could be made that “Supplication” is no more a separate song from “Lazy Lightning” than “Sunshine Daydream” is from “Sugar Magnolia.” It’s a coda, carrying forward the same themes—only the form of the verse has changed.


Lazy Lightning – 111 total times played

Supplication – 123 total times played




SHOW No. 2: Estimated Prophet

Track #14

2:35 – 4:15





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