MARK C. CROWLEY is a recognized visionary in workplace management, engagement, and culture. When the first edition of his book, Lead From The Heart: Transformational Leadership For The 21st Century, was published over a decade ago, many business leaders were slow to embrace it and misinterpreted its title as being synonymous with soft, weak, and ineffective management. Today, his pioneering philosophy on heart-led leadership has launched a global movement and Forbes Magazine has called his ideas “visionary” and “the blueprint for the future of workplace leadership.” As an educational resource, the first edition of Lead From The Heart has been taught in nine universities. Now, Crowley has released a new edition of Lead From The Heart (August 23, 2022), updated and revised to address the needs of those managing Gen Z and Millennial employees, supported by the latest global research on employee engagement.


Show Highlights

    • Lead from the Heart to let your experience influence your work.
    • How negative feedback can be the catalyst to keep you connected to approaching the “hard sells” of leadership. 
  • Mark shares his process on how to stay committed to your vision.
  • Take this first tiny first step to build a foundation for developing heart-centered leadership that will transform your school and impact the value you create for others.
  • You need a “mirror moment” and a key ingredient to build the right team to empower your learning community. Mark tells you how.
  • The formula for a competitive advantage, a leadership edge, and to take your school to the next level. 


“I believe when I'm supporting people the way that I was, I made people feel safe. I made people feel appreciated. I found out what they wanted to learn. I knew about their families. I knew about their dreams. I supported them in unique ways and made people feel that I love them, cared about them, and they wanted to work hard for me.”

-Mark Crowley


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