2 Jan 2023 10:00

Mott The Hoople (Remastered)

The episode that launched it all... is back, cleaned up and injected with archival clips and new music. 

If you've never listened to our first episode about Mott The Hoople or found it unlistenable because of amateurish audio quality, we encourage you to check out this fresh version.

There are a still some imperfections, to be sure, but our conversation has some terrific nuggets and Mott's music always delivers. We recorded this episode at Common House in Charlottesville, VA, and you can hear some background ambiance. 

At the time, we recorded the episode with the hope that people might find our mutual Hoople and Hunter obsession engaging enough to come back for more, but we weren't totally confident that we had gold. 30+ epic episodes later, it's hard to believe there was ever any doubt. Thanks for your support along the way!

Enjoy and don't forget our companion Mott playlist...

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