Nancy Solomon Introduces Imminent Danger: One Doctor and a Trail of Injured Women

Dead End host Nancy Solomon introduces us to a new, five-part investigation from the WNYC Newsroom called “Imminent Danger: One Doctor and a Trail of Injured Women.” The doctor in question — an OB/GYN named Thomas J. Byrne — was negligent and incompetent, according to officials in New York State. And yet, he is still practicing medicine today. This series explores why that is and what it says about the system for vetting doctors.

Listen to the whole series here:Episode 1: Wrongful DeathEpisode 2: License RevokedEpisode 3: The GatekeepersEpisode 4: LoopholesEpisode 5: New York, Again

You can also read more about the series at Gothamist.

“Imminent Danger” originally ran on NYC NOW, a weekday podcast that delivers local news from WNYC and Gothamist every morning, midday and evening. Subscribe here.

The series was supported by the Pulitzer Center.


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