New Noise (Top 6 New Releases of the Week) 04/01/2022)

RIP TAYLOR RIP KEATON RIP TOM A sad week, but an incredible lineup of new releases. A Top 6 where any of them could be a number 1. And yes, we talk about the MGK record again. Listen! And check the full list on Mike's IG @slappyslam Need band merch? Look no further than Rockabilia for all your needs! They have over 500,000 unique merch items at the lowest prices ... BUT use promo code SHANE to save an additional 10% off! It's Lawn Season! Get your own PERSONALIZED Lawn Care products (THAT REALLY WORK) for your climate and soil directly from and use Code LSS20 to save 20% off! Run a podcast or video calls? Get Riverside.FM today for the easiest, best quality audio and video, and separation for easy editing! I use it - you should too! Use promo code LSS and save $10 off any subscription! Click: http://Riverside.FM ! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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