19 Feb 2024 06:00

NWC REPLAY: Chrissi Prom

On this week’s episode, we’ll meet Success Club All Star Legend, Chrissi Prom, an inspirational BODi Partner who began her journey with BODi on Valentine's Day of 2021. It’s been said that the day you enroll isn’t necessarily your start date and although she joined the BODi community almost three years ago, it was just recently that Chrissi took full ownership of her business and showed up with consistent commitment and presence. Since then, she’s soared to incredible Success Club heights and nearly doubled her income in the past year! Tune in to this week's Wakeup Call as Chrissi generously shares her tips for launching a successful business, increasing your income, and creating meaningful connections on social media. Don't miss this chance to learn from Chrissi's success!


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