22 Jan 2024 10:43

"Oregon's Campus Echoes: Deadhead Adventures 46 Years Ago"

"Bertha, Birthdays, and Cannabis: A Time-Traveling Adventure"

Larry Michigan from Michigan Law in Chicago sets the stage for a time-traveling journey back 46 years to the Carter Court on the campus of the University of Oregon. Larry shares his excitement for an upcoming show and invites listeners to join him on a musical adventure.

As the episode unfolds, Larry delves into a Grateful Dead classic, "Minglewood Blues," providing historical context and anecdotes about its significance in the band's repertoire. He then shifts gears to reminisce about a memorable performance in Michigan in 1995 and discusses the origins of the song, originally recorded in 1928 by Noah Lewis.

The podcast takes an unexpected turn as Larry reflects on the magic of Dead concerts, the unique energy of live performances, and the timeless appeal of traditional songs. He shares personal experiences, including stories from concerts in the '80s and '90s, emphasizing the communal spirit and energy that defined those moments.

Larry briefly discusses his encounter with Kelly Clarkson's unexpected cover of Radiohead's "Creep," expressing admiration for her talent and the transformative power of unexpected musical renditions. He also touches upon his anticipation for the upcoming Fish Fest in Delaware, sharing the excitement of attending with his son and friends.

The episode closes with a celebration of the iconic Grateful Dead opener, "Bertha." Larry expresses his love for the song, describing it as always happy, uplifting, and a perfect show opener. He shares some historical facts about "Bertha" and reminisces about its unique charm in different concert settings.

In essence, this episode captures the essence of the Deadhead Cannabis Show – a blend of nostalgic reflections, musical insights, and the anticipation of upcoming live events. Larry's storytelling style engages listeners, creating a sense of shared experiences within the Deadhead community. Whether discussing classic tunes or unexpected cover songs, the podcast provides a delightful journey for both Deadheads and cannabis enthusiasts alike.

Key Themes:

  • Time-traveling to a Grateful Dead concert in 1978.
  • Anecdotes about "Minglewood Blues" and its historical roots.
  • Reflections on the communal spirit of Dead concerts in the '80s and '90s.
  • Kelly Clarkson's surprising cover of Radiohead's "Creep."
  • Anticipation for the upcoming Fish Fest in Delaware.
  • Celebration of the iconic Grateful Dead opener, "Bertha."

Episode Highlights:

  • Larry's vivid descriptions of past Dead concerts and the unique energy they held.
  • The unexpected connection between Kelly Clarkson and Radiohead.
  • Larry's excitement for attending Fish Fest with his son and friends.
  • The timeless appeal and crowd-pleasing nature of "Bertha" as a show opener.

Closing Note: This episode masterfully weaves together music, personal anecdotes, and anticipation for future events, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for listeners. The blend of nostalgia, humor, and shared enthusiasm for the Grateful Dead and live music showcases the unique charm of the "Deadhead Cannabis Show."



Grateful Dead

January 22, 1978 (46 years ago)

McArthur Court

University of Oregon

Eugene, OR


Grateful Dead Live at McArthur Court, U of Oregon on 1978-01-22 : Free Borrow & Streaming : Internet Archive


INTRO: Minglewood Blues

Track #1

Start – 1:47


SHOW No. 1: Jack Straw

Track #7

2:57 – 4:38


SHOW No. 2: Bertha

Track # 10</


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