Phil Sisto | Artist in Residence at Capitol Reef National Park in Utah | Ep 164

Phil Sisto joins me to talk Milky Way Photography in the less-mentioned Capitol Reef National Park here in Utah where he was the 2020 Artist In Residence! Phil shares how he got the gig and the secrets to a good application. While also dishing on the great situation he had there with the amazing house they gave him to use while working there! From amazingly deep mud cracks around Cathedral Valley to making a 45-minute hike THREE HOURS LONGER, Phil shares his successes and misadventures while being the Artist in Residence. Phil uses Star Trackers in his Milky Way Photography and shares his best tip for post-processing the masked blend of your foreground and sky in photoshop. If you are seeing the podcast cover art I used from Phil, you are NOT getting the full glory of that image and will need to go Phil's Website to see this amazing image from the beautiful Milky Way at the top and the incredible hyper-foreground of the deeeeep cracks in the mud! It is an amazing shot! Check out Phil's Work right away! Website: Instagram: P.Sisto.Images


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