12 Apr 2021 05:06


TRACKLIST / Tracks Selected & Mixed By DJ Mika 1. REM - Loosing My Religion (Afgo Remix) 2. VINTAGE CULTURE FEAT ELISE LE GROW - It Is What It Is (Club Mix) 3. HUGEL FEAT STEPHY DE CICCO & HUGO CANTARRA FEAT NIKOL APATINI - 4 To The Floor (Extended Mix) 4. GUZ - Set U Free (Extended Mix) 5. MAJESTICF FEAT BONEY M - Rasputin (Extended Mix) 6. MARK LOWER FEAT ADELINE - Took Me By Surprise (Extended Mix) 7. NINA SIMONE FEAT MICHAEL JACKSON - I Put On Spell On You VS Billie Jean (Mood Funk Beat) 8. FRANCK SINATRA - New York New York (Giovi Tribute Mix) 9. SUPERTRAMP - Logical Song Deep (Julien Jeanne Remix) 10. FRANCESCO ROSSI - Paper Aeroplane (Original Mix) 11. JUST A MAN - I'm Sorry (Club Mix) 12. JULIET - Avalon (Club Mix) 13. THE SUN CLUB FEAT MASTER AT WORK - Work On Fiesta (Joël S Boot Edit)


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