If you're an Alba Salix listener, chances are you've at least heard of Greater Boston – in fact, you've probably heard some of the voices of Greater Boston, including its creators Jeff and Alexander as well as one of its characters. Greater Boston follows the wild, improbable interweavings of family and infuriating co-workers and politicians and robot designers – not to mention a subway line that somehow manages to secede from the rest of the city. The show's fourth season is now rolling out, and there's no better time to catch up or have a re-listen! From Episode 1: Family Riddles Written and Produced by Alexander Danner and Jeff Van Dreason. Recording and technical assistance from Marck Harmon. James Johnston as Dimitri Stamatis (he/him) Kelly McCabe as Nica Stamatis (she/her) Braden Lamb as Leon Stamatis (he/him) Alexander Danner as The Narrator (he/him) Content warnings: Strong language Death (Non-violent) (ambiguous suicide) Severe Anxiety Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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