Protein: How Much Protein Does My Baby Need?

#193: Why does protein hold so much POWER over parents?! Most adults eat too much protein and are obsessed with protein for all the wrong reasons…and we do NOT want to project this protein pressure onto our babies! In this episode we are exploring how much protein does your baby REALLY need to be getting from solid foods, what are the good sources of protein foods for babies and how do you know if your baby is eating enough or too much protein. Get your copy of the 100 FIRST FOODS list on Katie’s free BABY-LED WEANING FOR BEGINNERS workshop: Follow @babyledweanteam on IG: Shownotes with all the links mentioned in this episode are here: Learn something you liked in this episode? Would you kindly subscribe, rate and review where you’re seeing this? ( really helps other parents find this BLW info too!) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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