6 Feb 2024 06:00

Rabbi Bernath's Weekly Sermon: Positive Jewish Identity

This week’s sermon reflects on the resilience and unity of our community. The book 'Buried by the Times' sheds light on a past where the Holocaust's truth struggled to find its rightful place in public consciousness, hidden away in the back pages of history's draft. Yet, this story isn't just about what was buried; it's a call to unearth our collective strength and purpose.

Parshat Yitro brings the powerful symbol of the shofar, reminding us that awakening and unity are at the heart of our journey. From the echoes of the Holocaust to the triumphs of the Six-Day War, we've seen the shofar's call to action in our own times, stirring us to remember, to unite, and to act with courage and love.

As we reflect on our history, we see not just the challenges, but the incredible victories and the miracles that have shaped us. These stories teach us that it's not just about surviving; it's about thriving, about taking pride in our identity, and about moving forward with positive action.

Let's carry this spirit into every aspect of our lives, embracing our heritage with joy and a commitment to making a difference. Together, we're not just remembering the past; we're building a future filled with light, learning, and love.

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