24 Jan 2023 10:55

Rampage Jackson on Why He's Never Been on Joe Rogan, Dana White Incident & More

Rampage sits down with Adam to talk about his career, Dana White, fatherhood, Almighty vs Kelpy, BBLs, and more! ----- 00:00 Intro 0:05 Rampage explains why he has never been on the Joe Rogan Experience 2:00 Adam and Rampage discuss how the color commentators control the narrative during a fight 9:12 Rampage on not going back to Bellator MMA and wanting to have rematches with people in UFC 12:20 Rampage says 99% of the beefs in MMA are real beefs and what crosses the line in beefs 15:30 Rampage says you have to come in with a different mindset when fighting someone who beat you before 17:20 Rampage talks about MMA fighter Phil Baroni k*** his girlfriend in Mexico 19:25 Adam and Rampage talk about viral video of Dana White and his wife at a club 21:02 Rampage talks about fighting with his son and fighting his dad during a construction job 24:50 Adam talks about defending himself against his dad when he was younger but never swinging on him 28:15 Reacting to Meek Mill getting in an argument with a fan at a boxing match 29:06 Rampage talks about using security so he doesn't get bothered by fans wanting to take pictures and not much for protection 30:35 Adam tells Rampage that a tr*ns woman told him to “S her D” at the AVN convention 31:40 Rampage on Suspect vs Kelpy and getting called a b*tch 33:16 Rampage on his UFC career, not seeing eye to eye with Dana White, cut from a Reebok deal, retirement narrative, and fighting in Bellator MMA 36:10 Adam asks how Rampage feels about new MMA fighters today getting more sponsors and better pay than ever before 41:30 Adam asks Rampage what music he listened to growing up in Memphis, like Three 6 Mafia 45:20 Rampage says he doesn’t like girls with BBL's and big fake lips 47:30 Rampage says that Instagram and Onlyfans has changed today's dating scene 49:40 Adam on if adult stars are "'bout that life" or just in it for money 53:40 Rampage shares his unpleasant GB with a friend in college story 55:50 Adam talks about women from different cultures spoiling their husbands 57:40 Adam asks Rampage about the stereotype of successful Black men dating outside of their race 1:01:45 Rampage talks about Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone being called a ra**st and defends him 1:11:35 Adam talks about having a daughter and what to expect when she starts dating 1:14:30 Rampage gifts Adam his coloring book to give to his daughter and talks about getting back into art 1:19:30 Rampage talks about his son who was born albino, with no skin pigmentation and blonde hair 1:22:20 Adam asks Rampage if he’s worried about his kids getting into fighting 1:25:20 Rampage on how he would feel if his son were to come out and how his current co-parenting is going 1:37:25 Rampage on the movie Click with Adam Sandler making him cry 1:43:50 Adam and Rampage discuss kids needing more sexual education to learn how to be safe 1:45:04 Rampage asks Adam if he’s ever heard about "hard p*ss" after having unprotected sex to avoid STDs 1:48:03 Adam talks about Rampage being the first celebrity he saw when he first got to LA ----- Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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