7 Sep 2023 08:03

Real Adventures in Svalbard - Part 2

Join the creators of The White Vault as we travel to Svalbard and interview naturalists, historians, and researchers. Please consider supporting The White Vault: Patreon.com/foolandscholar Credits: Edited, Produced, Mixed, Mastered, with Music and Narration by Dayn Leonardson "Super Aquatic Polar Expedition" "Within Research Lab 12" & "Zodiac Through Glacial Bay" written and performed by Brandon Boone, with flutes by Andrew Goodwin & additional synth by Travis Vengroff Hosted by K.A. Statz & Travis Vengroff Featuring Interviews with: Captain Martin Graser Alexandra Kristjansdottir Executive Producers: Dennis Greenhill, Carol Vengroff, AJ Punk'n, & Maico Villegas Special thanks to Carol & Harvey Vengroff, without whom this adventure would not have been possible. Big thanks to our sponsor Nomono - who provided the gear used to record this episode! All interviews were recorded on the Nomono Sound Capsule - Learn more at nomono.co/ This is a Fool and Scholar Production Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


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