RunRunLive 4-16-2023

4-16-2023 Update Well my friends. Tomorrow is Patriots Day in Boston. And we all know what that means. That’s right, it’s the Boston Marathon. I’ve got a few friends running. The weather looks pretty good. Sara Hall is running and Des Linden. The fastest man in the world, Kipchoge is looking to complete his sweep of the majors. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a sub-2-hour finish from him! That would be something. I am running a bit again. I have spent the last 2-3 month slowly trying to get myself back into shape. The knee seems to be ok as long as I don’t work it to hard. I’m still trying to see where the edge is. I worked with Rachel and took 15-20 pounds off. And I got through the first 30 days of the Body Building for Beginners program. I’m going to stop that right there. I repeated weeks 3 and 4, but I’m not going to go deeper. It gets very specific in the second two months and is probably more complex than I need. And, the big news is that I have signed up for a race. My friend Ann who we have talked to a couple times here on the podcast has a charity that she is heavily involved in called “Burgers and Bands” which is a teenage suicide prevention program. She got 50 charity slots for the Marine Corp Marathon. So, jokingly, I said, if you run it I’ll run it. And she called my bluff. I am fund raising and I’m going to try to blog about the process of getting back into shape. I’ll put a link in the show notes, at the top so you can donate. Then my coach, who was in the mix, said “Ok if you two run I’ll train you.” And the rest is, as they say is history. I am going to toss in some audio from before my run today. I am going to start podcasting more. I have some interviews. I’m trying to put less pressure on myself. I’ve got a lot of ideas and a lot of content, but less time to execute. I have been plugging away at my other, After the Apocalypse podcast. I’m just about to finish up season 3. I’m getting somewhere around 22,000 downloads a month. There’s 20 episodes in a season, and I plan to make each season into a book. As I creep ever closer to retirement I’m setting myself up to have a bunch of evergreen publishing content going. At some point I’ll circle back to all the posts on RunRunLive and try to consolidate them into some sort of order and edit them up into some books. There are literally millions of words worth of content out there. Anyhow, figured I’d check in let you know I’m still out here. A little slower, gimpy-er and grey – but out here none the less.

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