9 May 2022 10:37

School’s Out For Rapture ft. Josh Boerman

Josh Boerman from The Worst of All Possible Worlds joins the entire gang to discuss the Christian Dominionist designs on American society through the lens of the "school choice" campaign led by, among others, West Michigan's very own Betsy DeVos. We look at parallels between similar movements here, and how they link to other demands made by the same people.


The Worst of All Possible Worlds (@TWOAPW) is a weekly podcast of case studies in the pop culture of a dying empire. Co-hosts Josh (@boshj) and Brian (@spocks_brian) grew up evangelical in Michigan and New Mexico, while A.J. (@thefuzzymask) grew up Catholic in California. Together, we deconstruct how narrative and artistic choices in popular media reflect or subvert the ongoing reactionary project in contemporary America and the world at large.

TWOAPW official website: https://www.worstpossible.world

TWOAPW on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WorstOfAll

Link to the article Josh wrote about Betsy DeVos for an an alumni literary journal: https://thepostcalvin.com/betsy-devos-wants-students-to-compete-for-academic-opportunity-and-thats-a-problem-heres-why/


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