Smoke & Mirrors talking Landscape & Milky Way Photography in Moab | Ep 159

Oh the smoke!! Car troubles in the thick mud at the Salt Flats & playing with water as a mirror in your composition! Milky Way Photography already has the Moon & Clouds to fight with, this year the smoke became more of a problem than most years! In this episode I begin with talking about dealing with the smoke during the Out of Moab Conference. Smoke Map at After two nights of perfect skies we started getting it really bad by the time we were in Arches National Park but as you can see in Royce's image down below, it still was possible to come away with a great image! Check out Royce's Image of Nic up inside the arch: Rounding out the podcast, I share a story of trying to get the mirror Milky Way out at the Salt Flats, dealing with car troubles and then a tip for making your own mirrors out in Moab. Join MaryBeth and I in the Upper Peninsula!


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