TCBCast 299: A Very Clambake Christmas 2023: Who Needs Clambake?

Like socks. underwear and an ugly sweater from a relative you never see, you didn't ask for it but you're getting it anyway. 

The biggest gathering of guests on a single episode of TCBCast ever convene for the strangest of holiday events: Clambake. We know exactly what you're thinking, but it turns out there's SO MUCH MORE we didn't talk about last year, there's less overlap than you might expect in terms of things to learn about 1967's "Clambake." We even managed to squeeze a Song of the Week in mid-show for "A House That Has Everything," digging into its roots as Mexican melody "Te Quiero Dijiste" and its other English adaptation "Magic is the Moonlight."

And you know, even these end-of-year holidays aren't often so much about the holiday itself - it's the coming together with the people you care about.

Speaking of which, here's who all makes an appearance:

Gurdip, Justin, and Bec 

Rabia and Felix from Suddenly: A Frank Sinatra Podcast

John Michael Heath from EAP Society

David "Ghosty" Wills from We Say Yeah: A Cliff Richard Fan Podcast 

And special guests Olivia Murphy-Rogers, Darin Evans and Garrett Cash.

The entire listening audience gets to vote whether this tradition continues next year, email "Clambake Yes" or "Clambake No" to [email protected].


0:00: Preshow

8:23: Official Introductions & Clambake Memories

31:44: Will Hutchins Memories w/Ghosty Wills

51:00: "Who Needs Clambake?"

1:01:17: Gildersleeve and Good

1:23:28: Shelley Fabares Discussion

1:31:18: Song of the Week: A House That Has Everything

1:50:24: Confidence, Agent Elvis and Italian James Bond

2:09:50: Clambake's Story Is Broken... But Didn't Have to Be!

2:23:25: Shortnin' Bread... and Bikinis, Too!

2:49:17: Post 'Bake Clarity

2:58:13: Clambake Down Under, GOOP and Daddy Issues

3:06:12: Soundtrack, Bonus Songs & Metacommentary

3:38:44: In Praise of Jeff Alexander

3:47:12: Arthur H. Nadel & The Lost OTHER Agent Elvis

3:58:25: Closing Thoughts & A Very Merry Clambake To All


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