Buy me a coffee to say thank you for the podcast! === One day, God came down and took all life from earth. Except humans. But how can you survive in a world without life? Today's story is The End. Go to for the full transcript. Level: Advanced. Genre: Fantasy. Vocabulary: Buzzard, Intentional, Bioregionalism, Cathartic, Cymbals, Horizon, Millennium, Curl up, Solace, Roar, Tinnitus, Mourn, Umbilical cord, Agony, Cannibalism, Base instincts, Bloom, Tapestry. Setting: Modern. Word Count: 866. Author: Ariel Goodbody. If you enjoy the podcast, please consider supporting us on Patreon. For just a few dollars a month you can get extra episodes, exercises, and much more. Support Easy Stories in English by contributing to their tip jar: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


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