30 Oct 2023 11:35

The Shining: Domestic Violence, PTSD, & The Psychology of Kubrick

[CW: This episode contains lengthy discussions throughout about domestic violence] Happy Halloween! We are finally taking the windy mountain road to the Overlook Hotel to discuss The Shining! We are joined by Dr. Scott Jordon (aka Zombie Scotty)! We ask the question, would seeing ghosts give you PTSD? We have a very serious discussion about the domestic violence shown in the relationship of Jack and Wendy as well as its impact on their son, Danny. We also touch on the variety of ways that Kubrick uses aspects of filmmaking to provoke a psychological response within us. Join us! But don't go into room 237!!Where you can find Dr. Scott:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN5ddGv-AuqOj7iwdBxt_eQtwitter.com/Dark_Loops


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