1 Oct 2020 03:59

Tibet House US Menla Conversations: Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 242

Reconnecting for the first time since the Covi-19 pandemic began Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman discuss the her book “Real Change” and how the tools of mindfulness skill training, Buddhist philosophy and the teachings of the Dalai Lama have influenced them over the years.

Opening with stories from the “Peacemaking: The Power of Nonviolence” Conference held in San Francisco, California, in 1997 Sharon details how her time with grassroots activists, front-line health care providers, students and labor organizers practicing meditation have inspired, informed and invigorated her.

Podcast includes discussions of: Bell Hook’s perspective on social action and the value of creativity and art in creating change, How mindfulness practice can lead one to the tools and the and the Buddhist Inner Sciences of mind transformation, and how individuals living the reality of the teachings of compassion and equanimity can be found all around us.

Tibet House US Menla Conversations: Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 243 of the Bob Thurman Podcast was recorded during the live online event “Real Change: Covid, Climate Reality, and the New Normal“, September, 7th, 2020.

To learn more about the work and teachings of Sharon Salzberg, please visit her website: www.sharonsalzberg.com.

This podcast is apart of the Tibet House US Conversations series of dialogues between Bob Thurman & the leading hearts, minds & personalities bringing the ancient wisdom of Buddhism and Tibet into the modern mindful and compassionate revolution. The Tibet House US Menla Online (THUS MO) Conversations are produced through the generous support of it’s membership community and are a part of the digital member archive made available as a part of becoming a monthly supporter.

Tibet House US Menla Conversations: Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 243 Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash


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