2 Dec 2021 10:00

TNW 211: Square Embraces the Block-chain - Tech Fails of 2021, Ubiquiti Hack Fail, Miniaturized Camera Tech

  • Benjamin Pimentel from Protocol discusses Jack Dorsey's sudden departure from Twitter, Square's rebranding to Block, and how it all goes back to crypto.
  • A former developer for Ubiquiti has been charged in trying to extort Bitcoin from the company in an elaborate scheme that failed because of a VPN glitch.
  • Roger Cheng from CNET walks through his list of some of the biggest tech fails from the year and this time, it's not fun and games like it usually is.
  • Researchers have miniaturized camera technology to the size of a single fleck of salt and the quality of the images rivals cameras 500,000 times larger in volume.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent

Guests: Benjamin Pimentel and Roger Cheng

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