14 Nov 2022 10:00

Tony Riddle's Natural Lifestyle Philosophy For Optimum Health, Happiness & Vitality

Here to rewild us and reconnect us to that which is most essential is barefoot ultra running phenom Tony Riddle. Returning for his 2nd appearance on the podcast (his first being over 3 years ago on episode #463), Tony is a natural lifestyle coach who has devoted his life to studying what makes us human and how to live naturally in the modern world. Today we pick things up where we last left off in an old school, no video, audio-only conversation convened during my recent visit to London that goes deeper into Tony's natural lifestyle practices. Tony and I cover his various endurance feats and training, his unique coaching philosophy, and the principles that underscore his new book Be More Human, a bible for deconstructing the ways of living that aren’t serving us, and reconnecting with new ways of living that are more in sync with our human biology. Show notes + MORE: bit.ly/richroll717 Watch on YouTube (audio only) Newsletter Sign-Up: https://www.richroll.com/subscribe Today’s Sponsors: Salomon: salomon.com/richroll ROKA: roka.com Athletic Greens: athleticgreens.com/richroll Birch Living: birchiving.com/richroll Levels: levels.link/RICHROLL This conversation is packed with a battery of actionable practices and strategies to rewild and reboot your life. My hope is that you employ these strategies and they allow you to maximize your human potential. Enjoy! Peace + Plants, Rich


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