2 Feb 2021 05:01

Tupac Shakur Pt. 2 (Mini Episode): Life Behind Bars, Suge Knight Saves The Day, East Coast/West Coast Beef, and What Could Have Been

In part two of the Tupac Shakur story, we see the young star trying to deal with life behind bars and giving in to the patronage of the notorious Suge Knight of Death Row Records while getting into the mud with the Notorious B.I.G. in a deadly game of East Coast West Coast beef. We also get a glimpse of what Tupac Shakur might have achieved had he not gone to Las Vegas on that fateful night back in 1996. This is a mini episode of Disgraceland. To listen to the full episode as well as all archived episodes of Disgraceland, episodes on The Rolling Stones, Cardi B. Ozzy Osbourne, Prince and others, follow @disgracelandpod on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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