What is Nintendo's Plan for Next Gen? - G4 TV Hosts return | Power Up Podcast #127

In this week's Power Up podcast Taylor is joined by Matt and Anthony as they recap what they have been playing this week, the news from the week, new releases, some of the games they are most excited for, and more!

1. The topics discussed this week include, Blair Herter, an original host of G4, confirmed to be returning to the channel’s reboot,

2. Hideo Kojima and Junji Ito possible collaboration on a new Horror Title

3. Sony might offer customizable/variant side plates for the PS5

4. Blizzard fines Overwatch League player $1000 for posting Pepe the Frog on Twitter

And lastly,

5. What’s Nintendo’s next step from here?


These were just some of the topics we discussed this week on the Power Up Podcast. Tune in every Saturday at 3pm PST time over on https://twitch.tv/cultureofgaming


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