What School Leaders Can Learn About Innovation From Computer Scientists

Linc Kroeger is the President of Knight Moves, a limited profit company creating the next generation of elite technology professionals through extensive training in technology disciplines, with an intentional focus on including Native American, rural, and urban underserved communities.


Show Highlights

    • Organizations aren't designed for workforce development, computer science, diversity, or inclusion and only move people around instead of shifting culture.
    • The importance of specific messaging to focus on what people care about through feedback loops.
    • Knight Moves has a profound impact by breaking tradition and barriers for underserved communities with no curriculum, no classroom, no grades.
    • Stop eliminating experience, interest and challenge by filtering out students fit for tech programs based bias.
    • Experiment and innovation tips that serve every Ruckus Maker.
  • Pivot, persevere, kill is the model leaders need to overcome the rigid, unrealistic systems facing education.

“I asked 400 graduates from school, tell me what impacted you most in school. Nobody ever says the curriculum in the book I had in math. It's always some important thing a teacher did in their life. That wasn't just a teacher. It was a person who could bridge people to their future.

-Linc Kroeger

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