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The most popular questions

1. Why should I put my podcasts on Podcastly?

Listing your podcast on Podcastly is the easiest way for your listeners. We bring a unify ecosystem for Podcast lovers and Podcast listeners. Adding podcast is free and will be free forever (It's not expected to host your podcast on Podcastly). Why dont add it?

2. How can I change my podcast info (e.g., RSS feed, title, description, email, website...)?

It's pretty simple, change it on your podcast hosting and we will update all info on next fetch from your RSS feed.

3. How often do you fetch my RSS feed(s)?

We check the RSS feed of all podcasts 24/7. For every podcast we calculate own rate of refresh, for popular podcasts new episodes would be added to our database within 1 hour (typically around 30 minutes). For other podcasts, new episodes would be fetched around one day.

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