4 Oct 2023 05:00

49: Nigel's Life Update (Moving To LA)

Nigel is back in London speaking with Producer Matt about his time away from the pod and what he's been up to! They dive deep into tales about 11 hour taxi journeys, Matt playing against a team of refugees and Nigel's experiences so far living in LA.

*apologies about the sound quality in this episode. As explained on the pod only one microphone was picked up for some bizarre reason. *Producer Matt hangs his head in shame*

0:00 - Nigel has moved to LA and was cancelled in China

10:12 - Nigel is then cancelled for Uncle Roger jokes about Cambodian food and taking an 11 hour taxi ride!

19:03 - Producer Matt's short film has finally been playing at film festivals and reading Nigel's birth chart

28:41 - Nigel and his girlfriend are papped on the London underground

35:44 - Producer Matt plays football against a team of refugees 

Go see Nigel on tour: https://nigelngcomedy.com/#shows


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