13 Feb 2024 03:00

51. Depositions: Asked and Answered, with Veronica Finkelstein

Taking a deposition presents enough challenge as it is without the interference of obstreperous or obstructive counsel, yet it happens anyway and you must be prepared to deal with it. Following her appearance on a NITA panel webcast on depositions in November 2023, Assistant U.S. Attorney and Wilmington Law professor Veronica Finkelstein returns to NITA’s studio71 to answer viewers’ questions about how to manage misbehavior in the deposition room. She also reveals how to be a passionate advocate for your client without crossing those lines yourself, to reclaim your time when the opposition wastes it, and to wield the unexpected power of a deposition binder.Topics

4:16 Counsel who won’t control their client

8:36 Witnesses “forgetting” their records

12:14 Counsel who try to confuse your witness

15:46 Disruptive, but not inappropriate, objections

19:21 Tracking time wasted on abusive conduct

23:26 Court reporter tracking wasted time

27:21 Being zealous but not obstreperous

29:37 Speaking objections

35:05 Continuing objections

39:51 Written discovery requests

43:36 “The usual stipulations”

46:58 Contents of a deposition binder

57:07 Signoff questions



“People get pretty quiet when you have the controlling case in your jurisdiction in your hand and they have nothing.” Veronica Finkelstein



Veronica Finkelstein (LinkedIn)

Reduce the Abuse: Managing Obstructive Opposing Counsel During Depositions (webcast)

Building Trial Skills: Colorado (course)


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