5 Jul 2022 12:00

Dating With Grief: E3 - Baby Steps

This week Tawny and BC talk about the baby steps required about the mental preparation for dating after loss, working through the denial, and a few questions from the audience lead down a path of talking hauntings from our dead spouses! Every Monday at 4 pm pacific/7 pm eastern, I chat with Brad Clark, one of the support group facilitators and the resident WidDad at Death is Hilarious Grief Relief Foundation. Join us on Instagram Live where we answer questions about dating while grieving. You can submit your questions before the show on our website at Death is Hilarious.com/griefdating or ask them during the live broadcast. Just as a reminder, Brad and I aren’t mental health professionals and this segment is not a replacement for therapy. Special thanks to Bryan Ramsey, Jeff Jorgensen, Mary Jane Murphy, Nicole Cruz, Jeff Brower, Brian Jump, CJ Infantino, Lindsey C, Kevin McClowery, Cristina, Ruckus, Liz Moya, Sarah Long, and Trenton Bennet, our monthly donors at the $15 level. Your support helps us keep our services accessible for everyone. Learn how you too can support our mission by visiting Patreon.com/DeathisHilarious and DeathIsHilarious.com


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